Frequently Asked Questions | E.L Photography

Kingscliff and Gold Coast photography FAQ

Where do you provide your professional photographic services?

Elisha Lindsay is a Kingscliff-based photographer servicing the Tweed Coast. Please contact Elisha Lindsay to discuss her photographic services.

What types of photographic services do you provide?

E.L Photography specialises in wedding and commercial photography, including corporate, events and product photography in Kingscliff.

How do we receive our photos?

Because we work in a professional and digital space, we understand the need businesses have to receive their digital images as soon as possible – this is usually pertinent after corporate events! We also understand bridal couples are eager to see photos from their wedding day to show their friends and family.

Our commercial clients will receive an image bank of low-resolution files via Dropbox within 48 hours of shooting. The high-resolution files will also be delivered via Dropbox. You do have the option of being posted a USB of the high-resolution images 48 hours after the photo shoot.

Wedding photography clients will first receive a photo album app with a selection of images from the photo shoot, to show friends and family until the print-ready files arrive. Wedding clients will receive a USB of the edited photos, ready to print. The number of photos you receive will depend on the package you choose. Bridal couples can also choose packages which include a slideshow of images with music and/or professional printed photo albums.

Do we need to buy our printed wedding photos from E.L Photography?

No, you don’t need to. While one of our wedding photography packages does include the option of professional printed photo albums, you do not need to pay additional fees to have any of your photos printed. E.L Photography provides a USB of the final edited photos, which means you can pick and choose and print at your leisure! And not just once-off, you own these photos and can share on social media, print and keep forever.

As a wedding photographer, can you also take my engagement photos so I can get to know you and your style?

Yes we can. In fact, this is a great idea as you will have the chance to build rapport with your wedding photographer and get to know each other’s style. Some couples like to have a private photo shoot in the studio, others like to go to a location of significance to their relationship and others like to book E.L Photography to shoot their engagement party. And if you would like photos at your engagement party, this gives your friends, family and bridal party (if you’re having one) a chance to become comfortable with your photographer. This can be particularly beneficial for those camera-shy family members and friends!

Who owns the copyright of the photos you take?

You do! All our clients own the copyright to the images E.L Photography takes for them. Once you receive the edited files, you are 100 per cent free to print at your leisure. Commercial clients are free to use their photos for promotional purposes, on their website and in print and online media. Obviously we like to showcase the images we take and will ask you if we can also share them on our website and/or social media, however you do not have to oblige.

How early should I book my wedding date in?

As soon as you know it! Just like your favourite venues, bands and catering companies, wedding photographers also book out well in advance. It pains us to disappoint bridal couples when their preferred date is already taken, but we can’t reshuffle other bridal couples for obvious reasons. Elisha Lindsay is an experienced wedding photographer in Kingscliff and her services can book out 18 months in advance! To be safe, you should contact E.L Photography as soon as you know your date to make an enquiry.

What should I wear to a photo shoot?

If you have booked your staff in for corporate head shots you should discuss expectations around dress code. Even if your business has a uniform you might like to ask staff to wear a specific combination for a completely consistent look. If you don’t have a uniform you might like to coordinate by discussing  an accent colour or items you could all wear, such as jeans and white shirts. The appearance of staff photos should reflect the nature of your business while still projecting a professional image.

Do I need to wear extra makeup on my wedding day for the photos?

No, professional photos do not require you to wear extra makeup. We often get asked whether brides should wear extra makeup for outdoor photos and because it’s a special occasion. We want you to feel your best and for some brides this includes having professional makeup done. However, if you prefer a natural makeup look you do not have to amplify it just for the photos, a good wedding photographer will work with the lighting, the appropriate camera and flash for the situation. Have your makeup done the way you like it and we’ll worry about the rest!